Prarthna and Manjari – Marketing professionals by day, bloggers by night, are two close friends who share a common bond for ALL THINGS DOGS; having a single-minded purpose of promoting unconditional love for dogs. 

Prarthna Vasudevan

Prarthna & Cherry Jr.

Prarthna Vasudevan  – Chief Blogger 

Delhi born and raised, her greatest loves are dancing, reading, spending time with her family & friends and preaching about the power of doggie love.

Prarthna started her career in advertising and gradually moved on to the world of brand management. Currently, she is a brand & marketing consultant for a men’s fashion start-up.

Her belief, that Dogs are the GodSent 4-legged barking ambassadors of love, peace and happiness, has led her to promote ‘the dog side of life’. Her happy-go-lucky nature, zest for life and innate affection for dogs makes her a ‘Best Friend Furrever’ of all dogs everywhere. In her spare time, she volunteers for Operation Ava where she helps with adoption counselling and basic behavioural training that helps the shelter dogs get adopted faster.

Prarthna’s style of writing is fun, intuitive and entertaining, where she infuses the subject with kindness, compassion and real-life inspirations. Her writing comes straight from the heart.

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Manjari Lakshmanan

Manjari & Cleo

Manjari Lakshmanan, Chief Blogger

Born and raised in Delhi, she loves traveling and making friends with people and dogs wherever she goes. 

Manjari completed her Masters in Business Administration and started her career in Healthcare. Currently, she is heading marketing and branding for a foods startup.



Her staunch belief in the fact that people who love dogs are just nicer people has led her to promote animal love and hopefully convert people into pet lovers, and thus, take a tiny step towards world peace. In her free time, she reads, blogs and spends quality time with her family (including her adorable Dalmation).

Manjari’s style of writing is inspired from personal anecdotes of people and dogs she has seen and met. She looks to use experiences to educate and entertain at the same time.

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We both are animal addicts + pet junkies + canine enthusiasts all rolled into one. We two have been dog lovers all of our lives and we feel now is the right time to share our love, mantras and inspirations to help make this world a safe & loving haven for our woofilicious friends. So for the love of DOG, we have together created A Pet Lifestyle and Infotainment website that barks about loving your pet from head to tail. Inspired by our bootiful doggies Cleo & Cherry, The Dog Mantra is dedicated to them and all the dogs in the world. Our No.#1 Mantra? Adopt. Don’t Shop. Need we bark more ???

- Prarthna & Manjari,

(The Dog Mantra Team)

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